"I have traveled with Mirek thousands of kilometeres in last two years, four times he transported my Friesian charges to Holland and back, and very often nationwide (Olomouc – Praha)." Zuzana Seyčková, Praha

Přeprava koní Mirek PavelkaPreprava koni mirek pavelkaPřeprava koní Mirek Pavelka

"Mirek teached our colt how to travel. As ours first baby horse we were extra sensitive and careful. We were afraid a lot of the first transport, transporter has been reccomended. Whether it was colts firts time, Mirek loaded him on the first try, without any arguing, easily. Mirek organized not even the horse but the owner too, no time to panic.Thanks to the good knowledge of jurney, relaxed and smooth driving we passed 350 kilometres without any troubles, colt was very calm in carriage, looking out of windows and munching hay. On the way back colt was acting like a professional.."  Martina Bubnová, Prague (Picture: 5 a.m - loading. Selfseve bar, mother in front, colt in background, cca 10 minutes after loadind, check point, what a view, what' s happening there?)

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"I woulld say transport of your horse is a big risk. You can lose, all you were working on for last few years, in a few seconds. I commend my horses to Mirek on any journey. I am sure, when collecting animal in final destination, everything will be just perfect. Mirek solves Unexpected situation with calm and deliberation for the comfot of horses. He is not just a driver, he is Horse rider too. .." Jiří Pik, dressage trainer

"The first time I asked Mirek to transport my horse was about four years ago, when We rented a horse for competitions. We have experienced a horrific accident, horse suffered a epileptic tremble in the carriage during transport. I will never forget them three hours trying to take her out of carriage. Mirek didn't even care that horse was destroying the carriage, he was just constantly focused how to get her out of there safely. Since then, I would not ring anyone else to do this job for us. Today, We own four horses, Mirek is transporting them everywhere We need, and we know our horses are in profesional hands. Mirek is a big part of our team..."  Renata a Nikola Huškovy (NH Equiteam)
After a few years spent in England, I decided to stay there permanently, I started to deal with getting my mare for me. After carefully examining ways to implement the way, I thought the most viable solution to arrange a shipper that really takes Greis from place to place - the whole 2000 km, I wanted to spare her the stress of changing by the plane or truck and then to the next lift in England. I tried to minimize any risks beforehand - I was looking for an experienced person who knows what he is doing and has a good car and lift - a professional ... I found him in Mirek. The way we planned several months in advance and even though I was before the trip even if it quite nervous, everything was done without a single problem. We did 1500 km to continental Europe by ferry ride and another 500 kilometers of England, all in a good mood :-) Greis When he came out healthy and well out of the container, it was one of the most beautiful moments that I experienced."  Vlaďka Sedláčková
preprava_konipreprava_koni preprava_konipreprava_konipreprava_koni
"Thank you very much for your expert service today. I am very grateful for your skill and patience with loading Rush. I will definitely tell people to use your transport service to people in the future." Penny Thorpe

"Many thanks for today's transport. We wish you many happy and satisfied horses and customers too, and we will say a little pray for you averytime you are on the road. We are sure, that anyone who has ever asked you to transport their horse than never ring anyone else...(sending pictures from transport and first time in new stable :-))" Petra Čiková
přeprava koní přeprava koní   přeprava koní  přeprava koní
 "The first time I called Eguitravel was an emergency, when at the end of the day veterinarian decided to transport our horse into a clinic, after suffering of a colic. She doesn't like traveling anyway, so I was very worried of this transport. Mirek was there in an instant and horse was already in the carriage before we could even panic.Mirek was driving extra carefully, so she was feeling okay. It was so important for me to see everyone trying to do their best to help the horse. She went for a surgery just after we came to clinic. Fortunately everything went great, she's back home now getting back in form.:-)." Sylva Šrámková

"If I have to leave my horse with somebody, in which I spent lot of time and energy, I have to be sure that there is no mistakes. Horse transport is very specific job, only for skilled professionals. Tired or stressed horse won't make a good show for spectators in competition. It's not only the way Mirek drives throw the traffic, more importantly how he treats the others and animals too. We just use his services, and never going to change :-)". Martina, team Picante
 "I would like to thank you for transport of our ponies and how incredibly you have been treating them. there wasn't really a smile on their faces, but thanks to You and Your patience was every other transport much easier since then. I admit, they are very exited when transporting now. Many thanks again"
Zdeňka Bílá
přeprava konípřeprava konípřeprava koní
"I have kind a nervous horse, doesn't like any changes. He's geting scared of just anything, that's why I was afraid of transport. We have had some issues every time before, but Mirek with his calm attitude teached Rasty how to easily enter the carriage. Horse is now very calm when transporting, never even used any sedatives anymore. It's just became such a ordinary thing, that no one ever stress about anymore :-)." Hana Soukalová

"I Have a mare which was very afraid of transport. Thanks to Mirek she learned how to enter carriage without a problem. Becouse Mirek knows how to drive safely, she is not afraid anymore. I haven't experienced any trouble with mirek when transporting my horse."
Lenka Vrabcová

"Hello, As I promised, sending a few pictures Amantinas first trip this year. Thanks for your care, there's just one thing. Amanta is now asking me for a telly into her stable, cos she want to watch that show, you showed her in carriage, over and over. Maybe rather warn every owner that they may be surprised by something extraordinary as I did. Take care:-)."
Michal Barák