safe and comfortable trailer for two horses

Přeprava koní Mirek PavelkaWe spent long time looking for a right trailer.
Safe, robust carriage with good ventilation.
Very sofisticated, english made Ifor Williams
Illustration factory photo, our is silver
Real photos from daily use can be seen in references and Facebook.


Ifor Williams HB 506 has has many advantages for comfortable travel such as

  • sliding side windows(ventilation)
  • roof window
  • safety bar between horses(Stallion etc.)
  • easy removeable bars(Colts transport)
  • safety eye to tie horses
  • Silent and smooth drive even for two big horses
  • Equipped with folding ramp in front for comfortable exiting trailer
  • (Better for horses with bad experience reversing out of trailer, nervous or young horses


Přeprava koní Mirek Pavelka